What to Post on Instagram

What to Post on Instagram

Instagram conjointly offers heaps of potential as a platform to form and nurture relationships along with your audience, together with options to convert them into customers.

1. show off with product posts.

Pictures and videos of your product can doubtless be one in every of the simplest (and most expected) places to begin on Instagram. Sharing content that includes your product all told their glory can, of course, assist you drive sales and promote your business on Instagram.

These posts will concentrate on your product alone or feature them as a part of a life-style picture or in a very flat lay shot with complementary products. There’s many areas to urge inventive.

2. Convert customers with product tags.

Product tags and stickers are distinctive formats for posts and Instagram Stories, severally, that modify direct purchases through Instagram.

Users will click on product tags, for instance, to urge a lot of data a few products, like its name or value. If they click once more, they’ll be taken to a screen wherever they’ll create a sale.

Product tags build it easier and a lot of convenient for users to buy forthwith on mobile, increasing the chance that they’ll follow through. You would possibly think about using product tags once you’re running a purchase or providing a reduction.

3. Take followers under-the-table.

Followers love under-the-table content. It creates transparency that enables followers to desire they’re attending to grasp the “real you” behind the complete. These builds trust, and it’s a refreshing modification of pace once a stream of product pictures.

4. Go live!

Live video is another style of post that may assist you build client relationships quickly. It feels authentic, and users will move with you in real time (followers can get notified once you go live).

5. Repost user-generated content.

User-generated content is a few of the foremost persuasive content you’ll use, and your followers like to see it on your Instagram. It shows that you’re engaged along with your community, which may earn you smart can and a lot of UGC at constant time.

6. offer your staff the spotlight.

Content that focuses on (or, even higher, is made by) staff could be a nice choice for Instagram. This is often differently to point out users the human facet of your complete, creating it easier for them to make an emotional affiliation to you and trust you a lot of.

7. Announce new products/business milestones.

Here’s an idea that’s easy however effective: Announce new product or new business updates on Instagram with a stimulating visual.

This gives you a lot of content to share on the platform and conjointly encourages users to follow you as a result of everybody desires to desire they’re within the understanding a complete they love.

8. Run an Instagram contest/giveaway.

Want to urge heaps of engagement quickly and generate excitement around your brand? Contests and giveaways are the thanks to go.

Contests can get individuals talking concerning your complete, and that they will typically yield robust social proof or user-generated content, if not each all right away.

9. Seize the instant with seasonal posts.

Customers like to get into the vacation spirit. It doesn’t matter whether or not that vacation could be a major one like Thanksgiving or an unofficial one like National Dog Day.

Take advantage of this by making seasonal posts that are timely and forthwith relevant. Posts concerning summer vacations, winter weather, and even a particular atmospheric phenomenon will add addition to the apparent holidays, too.

10. Encourage followers to tag a fan.

The tag-a-friend approach is typically employed in tandem with contest posts, however they’ll exist on their own, too.

These posts can encourage followers to “tag a friend” within the comments who they assume would genuinely just like the product or who may relate to the topic of your post. An incentive is also offered (as within the case of a contest, shown within the example from Mahabis below), however it’s not a necessity.

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